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Mex-I-Can is the pride of being a Mexican living in the United States, and Mex-I-Can is the pride of living in the United States being a Mexican: Gloria Mayo.

The main objective of Mex-I-Can is the creation and production of special events through which Mexicans residing in USA are proud of their origin and thankful to the country that is granting them an opportunity.

Mex-I-Can is and will be the emblem of the roots and rights of the Mexicans. It will always protect and cherish the origin, culture, family and blood of those immigrants that due to economic reasons, had to leave their homeland to come to this great country. It will always defend those immigrants who came in good faith and faced enormous sacrifices and challenges because this is the core of the vast majority of Mexicans in the USA.

Mex-I-Can will advocate in favor of large amounts of Mexicans residing in USA for them to live with dignity, be respected and reach their personal prosperity, to contribute in the consolidation of this multicultural American society.

The goals of Mex-I-Can are countless, and are targeted towards Mexicans residing in the United States, for them to become better people and stand out in all activities they are devoted to.

Mex-I-Can is a social and commercial project focused in its main objective towards supporting all Mexicans and Latinos in general, to identify themselves with the essence of the project, to have the desire of self-betterment and to be gracious for having the opportunity to live in the United States by being a Mexican or Latino. It is a project that will assist those who want to come back to their homeland with pride and be successful and satisfied for having left a positive image of the Mexicans living in the USA. These people will be the example for those who choose to stay, and for their families to be proud of them.

Mex I can is the perfect mix of words that reflect both cultures of neighbor countries, always united by the geography, but separated by the border. The following phrase “SI SE PUEDE” “YES WE CAN” will become a social project that will give birth to Mex I can Company.

This meaningful phrase is proudly proclaimed by millions of Mexicans all along the Mexican Republic to get motivated and achieve triumphs and goals in all endeavors, big and small, of their daily lives.